Tenant FAQ

What are Street Smart’s payment details?

All tenant payments must be deposited into our trust account
Bank: Westpac
Account Name: Street Smart Property Management
Account Number: 03 0179 0339628 01

Please use your tenant code as reference so we can identify your payments

How do I arrange to view a property to rent?

Call/text or email the person listed next to the advertisement. They will arrange a time that suits you and them to show you through.

Once I have viewed the property, how can I apply for it?

When you go to view it, the letting agent will have an application form which you can fill out there. Otherwise you can click here (link to tenancy application page) to apply online.

How long will it take till I find out if I am successful in getting the property?

The more thorough and complete your application is, the faster it will be. If you are successful, you will be informed usually be between 24-48 hours.

Periodic or Fixed Term Tenancies?

The normal is fixed term tenancy however, we offer both Fixed Term and Periodic Tenancies as situations of each Landlord and Tenant vary. Fixed Term tenancies have a start and end date then convert to a periodic tenancy but can not be terminated during the fixed term by either party unless an agreement is reached between the parties. We generally aim for a minimum 12 month Fixed Term Tenancy as a balance for the landlord and the tenant.

How much Bond do we charge?

The minimum Bond we require is equivalent to 3 weeks rent. At times we may request a Bond of 4 weeks if we feel it is necessary and/ or we may request a Guarantor We only accept the Bond to be paid as cleared funds, and until all the funds are received i.e. Bond & week in advance we do not sign the tenancy agreement with the tenant. The Bond is receipted by us and paid to Tenancy Services. A confirmation letter is sent to the tenant, and the Bond Lodgment Form is sent to Tenancy Services.

Who pays for power?

The power is paid for by the tenant. It is the tenants responsibility to call the power company and transfer the power into their own name.

What do I do when I want to vacate?

If it is fixed, you must notify us in writing atleast 21 days before the fixed term is over. 
If it is periodic, you must give 21 days notice. Once we receive the notice, we will advise the steps you need to do to get your bond refunded.

What day do we put out the household weekly rubbish?

The day differs depending on where you are renting. To find out the days and dates your rubbish and recycling is collected, please have a look here.
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